19 June 2009: For a Minor Reflection at The Victoria


For a Minor Reflection


Hailed by touring mates Sigur Ros as “a band with the potential to out-Mogwai Mogwai”, For a Minor Reflection have also drawn favourable comparisons with post-rock’s leading lights, Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.This Icelandic band started out as four 19 year olds playing hard rock in their garage in 2007. In just two years their music has developed into stunning compositions that are epic and abrasive, melodious and moving. Cavernous guitars ebb and flow, recalling their homeland’s breathtaking, otherworldly geography.


Ever since we made the move to Birmingham, we’ve been itching to get these guys back. Epic45 make music that is rich in concept and big on atmosphere. Their albums are explorations of the rural landscape and its relationship to memory and nostalgia. 2006 release Slides fuses grand, sweeping shoegaze-tinged post-rock, whilst last year’s May Your Heart Be the Map took a more acoustic and vocal approach.

Is I Cinema

isicinema copy
The smart, angular and melodic indie pop of relative newcomers Is I Cinema is sure to win them a big following. The band’s unusual name stems from an altercation the band suffered aboard a London tube when a strange man caught their eye and shouted: ‘What ya lookin at? Is I cinema!?’ The fate of the bands name was sealed from then on.

famr_02For a Minor Reflection by Alex Morrall


famr_04Epic45 / Shameless promotion

Note: More photos are on the way!


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