Where we’re at…

However much you love doing something, sometimes you have to accept that for whatever reason, it’s not working how you want it to. This point came for us as last winter; we were proud to have hosted musicians we love at what we felt were intimate, interesting shows but audience wise, there had been a significant drop off from previous years. Colour is entirely self-funded and it reached a point where we simply couldn’t afford to plough any more money into it. More importantly, we couldn’t face disappointing musicians we admire and respect with turnouts that were smaller than they expected.

After much thought, we’ve decided to wind down our live activities for the foreseeable future.  We’re still very much interested in collaborations with other organisations, consultancies and guest DJ sets and any live shows we put on will be ones we feel are simply unmissable.

We’re still incredibly passionate about independent music and the live scene in the West Midlands and beyond. The Colour blog will continue, with an emphasis on new releases we’re excited about, older records we love and music and cultural events in the region and beyond. Please send press releases and links to info[at]colourpresents.com. We’ll be kicking things off immediately, featuring a couple of events we’re involved in.

Thanks to all the musicians, venues and friends that have helped us out along the way.

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