Exclusive: New My Autumn Empire Song

As you may know, we’ll be hosting a performance by My Autumn Empire on 2 November, in support of new record The Village Compass. My Autumn Empire is the nom de plume of Benjamin Holton of epic45, who has been writing and recording under the name for over 8 years. Along the way, only a handful of songs have been released into the world – this album represents the first focused collection of material, penned between 2005 and 2008.

The record is themed around the concept of living an isolated existence in a remote village, but approached as “a dreamlike state of self imposed isolation” rather than with a feeling of alienated introspection. We have ‘The Approach Of The City’ to give you a brief glimpse into the album. Featuring intricate loops of fingerpicked guitar and hushed vocals, it details the encroachment of the unstoppable urban sprawl on the English countryside. Sensitive production and subtle use of field recordings and samplers augment Ben’s playing, drawing you further into the record’s pastoral world.

MP3: The Approach Of The City

The Village Compass is released on Wayside & Woodland Records. You can order it from Norman Records.


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