Tame Impala

I must admit to being rather ignorant of the Australian music scene but after reading the blog buzz around Tame Impala’s Innerspeaker, the Perth band’s first full-length, it’s been on heavy rotation as Summer draws to a rainy close.

And what a burst through the clouds it is. Once you get past Kevin Parker’s eerie channeling of White Album John Lennon, you’ll find a hazy cornucopia of psychedelic bliss and heavy analogue warmth. Tame Impala look back to move forward, reaching to British Invasion and stoned ’70s rock. The winding guitar jams and propulsive drumming of ‘It’s Not Meant To Be’ and ‘Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?’ are anchored by classic pop song structures, catchy and immediate, yet densely layered enough to make this a trip worth retaking. Their formula reaches its zenith pretty early on with third track  ‘Alter Ego’, one of the most exhilarating songs I’ve heard all year.

If you enjoyed recent vintage numbers like Beck’s Modern Guilt or Caribou’s Andorra, give Innerspeaker a spin. Perhaps on vinyl, in your childhood bedroom, with a red scarf over a lamp.

Stream: ‘Solitude Is Bliss’

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