I Was Drunk At The Pulpit

Tonight we’re off the see Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang play at St. John’s The Baptist Church in Coventry. While Will Oldham is famed for his prolificness when it comes to recording live shows in the UK are a different matter, so the prospect of seeing him perform in a church is even more exciting. The Wonder Show of the World, his recent collaboration with Emmett Kelly and Shahzad Ismaily, ranks as one of the finest albums in his almost two-decade long career, which I’ve been revisiting a lot in the last few weeks.

While doing so I uncovered this 2002 Peel Session, broadcast on 8th August, the last of seven Oldham recorded for the late radio legend. Enjoy – it’ll only be up for the rest of the week.

Will Oldham – John Peel Session (Broadcast 8th August 2002)
01 – Jolly Fire // 02 – Arise Therefore // 03 – Death To Everyone // 04 – I Was Drunk At The Pulpit

Update: This turned out to be one of those shows that will always stay with me. The church was beautiful, lending the perfect atmosphere to Oldham and his gang. Flickr user Davoud D. took some lovely shots of the evening.

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