New epic45 7″

Daylight Ghosts b/w Any Second Now
(2010, MakeMineMusic)

Our good buddies epic45 are set to release a limited run of lavish sevens as a companion to last year’s mini album In All The Empty Houses. The band have used the medium effectively, splitting the core sonic elements of their sound down the middle, with the A-side an electronic re-recording of that record’s ‘Daylight Ghosts’, b/w an acoustic take on Depeche Mode’s ‘Any Second Now’.

Their words:

The idea was to indulge in our shared love of eighties pop, which was such a large part of our childhoods. So the version of Daylight Ghosts on here was created mainly using synths and the B side is stripped down, mainly acoustic version of a Depeche Mode Song.

Next week also sees a limited reissue of Empty Houses, featuring a companion DVD of six rather stunning videos, one for every song. Here’s the video for the original version of ‘Daylight Ghosts’:

Daylight Ghosts 7″ and In All The Empty Houses are available from Norman Records.

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