Elevate Me Later

An Alternative Best Of Pavement
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The Pavement curated All Tomorrow’s Parties is looming large this weekend, providing an opportunity to revisit their remarkable back catalogue. It’s an understatement to say that a shared love of Pavement has been a main ingredient in the glue that has held Colour together over the years.

I came to the band quite late via a bargain bin copy of their fourth full-length Brighten The Corners, which is often regarded as their most ‘refined’ album and their last recording session as a cohesive unit – Terror Twilight is seen, perhaps unfairly, as a Malkmus solo album with the token Spiral Stairs number on it. I guess I have a predilection for their cleaner, more melodic songs because I fell for Brighten The Corners first. That distinct guitar sound make me nostalgic for lens-flared, ’90s West Coast suburban summers I never lived, while Malkmus’s laconic vocals and the semi-cryptic genius of his wordplay still amaze me.

Domino released Quarantine The Past in March to coincide with the band’s run of reunion shows. Obviously there’s some crossover with my list and I’ve definitely missed off some classics, but these are my absolute favourites.

Elevate Me Later: An Alternative Best Of Pavement

Box Elder // Summer Babe (Winter Version) // Trigger Cut/Wounded-Kite At :17 // Here // Elevate Me Later // Range Life // Flux=Rad // Silence Kit // All My Friends // Rattled by the Rush // Grounded // Grave Architecture // Shady Lane / J vs. S // Starlings In The Slipstream // StereoType Slowly // We Are Underused // The Killing Moon // Spit On A Stranger // Major Leagues // …And Carrot Rope

What songs are you hoping to hear Pavement play at ATP or their London shows?

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