Ron Terada at Ikon

From 31-March – 16 May, Ikon presents Who I Think I Am, the first solo exhibition by Canadian artist Ron Terada. Like the Clare Rojas show which finished last week, Terada’s work counts music as a key influence, alongside advertising, popular culture, commercial ephemera and street signage.

Since 2000, Terada’s shows have featured Soundtrack for an Exhibition, an ongoing series of unique playlists not dissimilar to a homemade mixtape. The Ikon playlist will be pressed onto limited edition vinyl, available for visitors to take away for free.

Also featured is Big Star (2003), an exact replica of the neon sign logo of the cult Memphis band who themselves appropriated it from a local chain of supermarkets. Of course, this piece will no doubt resonate more deeply with some music fans following the tragic passing of Alex Chilton, the enigmatic Big Star guitarist and songwriter, last week.

Ikon will also feature an intriguing exhibition entitled Since I fell for you by emerging British artist Susan Collis, who painstakingly crafts replicas of installation detritus – screws, rawl plugs, scraps of wood – out of extremely precious materials, causing visitors to perform a double take as they move through the seemingly unprepared and largely empty space.

Who I Think I Am opens on Tuesday 30 March between 6-8pm.

Spotify: Big Star – Keep An Eye On The Sky (Rarities)

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