The Secret Lives of a Building

We’re very excited to be contributing to a facinating art intervention at The Vaults on 31 March, curated by Kate Pennington-Wilon and Holly Grange. The event will feature performances by artists inspired by the iconic Victorian architecture of this recently refurbished bar and bistro, which was a brewery in a former life and is rumoured to have been a workhouse  and even a women’s prison.

Drawing on psycho-geographic resonances both historical and perhaps fictional, the space will be transformed through sonic reverberations by artists including Rob Glover (Epic45/Colour), EL Heath, Matt Eaton (Pram), Film Ficciones, Sarah Farmer and Candice Jacobs. The Secret Lives of a Building is presented by ARC, a monthly event that invites curators to exhibit at The Vaults.

For our part, we’ll be putting together an ambient and electronic set to follow the performances, accompanied by archival footage.

View E-Flyer

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