‘Heaven Can Wait’

Charlotte Gainsbourg
has a greater pedigree than most recent actors-turned-musicians, what with her slightly famous father and previous album 5:55, which featured collaborations with Air, Jarvis Cocker and legendary producer Nigel Godrich. On forthcoming album IRM she worked with Beck, who co-wrote and produced.

First single ‘Heaven Can Wait’ is a promising taster of what to expect from the full-length. An insistent, subdued guitar underpins a fantastic dual vocal by the pair which has the all the drama of a classic duet, coupled with obtuse enough lyrics to keep things interesting. More straightforward than Modern Guilt, Beck’s recent album with Danger Mouse, but with the same analogue warmth, it’s a little reminiscent of Aimee Mann and Jon Brion’s songs for the Magnolia soundtrack. This may be something director Keith Schofield recognised when making the video for the song: it features a similar hyper-real presentation of domestic and suburban scenes, with surreal, nonsensical elements rendered oddly mundane, creating a feeling of unease.

IRM is out 26 January on Because Music

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