Peggy Honeywell Performs at Ikon

San Franscisco-based artist Clare Rojas exhibits her folk-inspired show, We They, We They at Ikon gallery from 3 February. Referencing West Coast Modernism, Native American and Latino craft, outsider and street art, her work observes gender relations and representation with a sense of humour through a variety of media, from painting and installation to print-making and painted patchworks on the gallery walls.

Clare Rojas. Peach and Yellow Skies, 2005 Gouach on paper - Courtesy of Ikon.

Rojas will also give a performance at Ikon as her musical alter-ego Peggy Honeywell on 2 February at 8.15pm, following the exhibition opening. Over the course of three albums, Honeywell deftly weaves together traditional American music with an Appalacian, Carter Family feel with the more contemporary sound of California’s ‘freak’ folk scene.

Spotify: Green Mountain, Faint Humms, Honey For Dinner

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