Our Year in Music

2009 has been a great year for Colour, with us making the move to Birmingham and finding a lovely home at The Victoria. After a short break through Winter, we returned in February with Minnosotan bluesman Charlie Parr, supported by locals Mellow Peaches and Young Runaways, two of the most exciting acoustic acts in the region. With This is Tomorrow, we put on the nascent Icelandic post-rockers For A Minor Reflection, supported by our good friends Epic45 and the  endlessly energetic Is I Cinema. We also did a bit of low-key but very enjoyable DJing.

It was also a year of collaboration for us: first with Flatpack Festival back in March, where we hosted the closing party featuring performances by laptop-pop duo Victoria and Jacob and the sepia-toned, elegiac nostalgia of July Skies. More recently, we worked with Ikon to host On/Off, the annual Eastside gallery closing party, which featured incredible, seamless ambient techno soundscapes from worriedaboutsatan coupled with a binary theme and monochrome dress code. The biggest collaboration for Katie and myself was our wedding in August, which we swiftly followed up with the Commercially Inviable Records showcase in October.
In 2010, we’re planning to build on the progress we’ve made this year, with a greater frequency of live music events and an expansion into project based work. Supporting and showcasing independent and leftfield artists in a live setting will always remain at the core of what we do, but we have some plans at the seedling stage that we’re really excited about. We’ll be announcing our first live event of 2010 soon.

The events we put on are Colour’s beating heart, but new music is the blood and writing on here has been a pleasure. I’m looking forward to it hopefully growing both in content and readership next year. Look out for a list of our favourite albums of 2009 tomorrow. As tempting as it was to try to sum up our most important records of the decade, we’ve decided to leave that one alone, for sanity’s sake.

Thanks to everyone who has collaborated with us, attended our events or read our posts, we hope you have a wonderful New Year.



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