Peter Watkins: Americana

Peter Watkins is a photographer based in the West Midlands whose Americana series explores the idea of the photograph as a document of truth. Peter scoured the region for subject matter that when taken out of their context, could be mistaken for traditional American landmarks: diners, garages, dilapidated barns. All of the images were taken using film for a timeless, authentic feel.

If you read this site regularly you’ll know I’m fascinated by American culture and music. I have never been there: my perception of it is taken from books, films and songs, so Peter’s interrogation of authenticity and the enduring appeal of this imagery strikes a chord with me.

Peter will have his first solo exhibition next year at Light House, Wolverhampton, which played host to Richard Heeps‘ hyper-real series of Americana photographs back in 2007.

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3 Responses to Peter Watkins: Americana

  1. 18thaureliano says:

    I love that concept! Thanks for the link. Will have to check out that exhibition.

    Just to explode that particular image – that’s in Walsall, right?

  2. Matt says:

    Yeah, it’s in a lay-by as you come off the M6 and head into the town centre.

  3. Awesome stuff Matt! I always love knowing that people love my work. visit for updates 🙂

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