worriedaboutsatan To Play On/Off Party

We’re pleased to announce that the Ikon Eastside Closing Party, On/Off, will feature a live performance by Leeds-based electronica duo worriedaboutsatan.

The pairing of Tom Ragsdale and Gavin Miller released their debut Arrivals earlier this year to great reviews. It subtly weaves ambient, minimal techno and post-rock structures to create an incredible sonic landscape, recalling godspeed! you black emperor and aphex twin’s ambient works in its ability to summon and sustain a vivid, otherworldly environment.

The album recently received a glowing 7.6 review from Pitchfork, who had this to say:

“like the back of an immense sea-creature rhythmically slipping above and below the waves. The percussion is manicured yet spritzy, with the baroque cadences of spitting rain. Periodic vocal samples are hung about in hazy washes, making it sound a bit like Burial for English-Lit majors. The structures are crescendo-based, but arrive by such creeping degrees that we’re never jarred, only soothed, lulled.”

333Upon hearing Arrivals, we knew we had found the perfect band for On/Off: a British band that are pushing the boundaries of electronic music and integrating advances in digital technology. The stunning Eastside gallery space, an enormous former warehouse in Digbeth, Birmingham’s former manufacturing district, is the ideal setting for their soaring guitars and dramatic beats to envelop.

On/Off is inspired by the work of Ryoji Ikeda, whose instillation piece data.tron (2007-2009) is showing at Ikon Eastside until 8 November. The party itself will have suitably monochrome visuals, lighting and dress code and will feature Colour DJing classic electronic music new and old, from epic ambient soundscapes to synth-pop, IDM and glitchy pop.

Thursday 12 November, 7.30pm – Late, Free
Ikon Eastside, 183 Fazeley Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 5SE

MP3: worriedaboutsatan – You’re In My Thoughts

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2 Responses to worriedaboutsatan To Play On/Off Party

  1. PixieSixer says:

    Great choice guys! I can’t wait 🙂 x

  2. Richard Cartwright says:

    im in

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