Epic45 – In All The Empty Houses

epic45Frequent Colour collaborators Epic45 release their new mini-album In All the Empty Houses on October 5th. Thematically, their work has dealt with the psychology of nostalgia and the impact our surroundings have on our outlook. The acclaimed 2007 album May Your Heart Be The Map was a vivid exploration of the British countryside, tinted by childhood memories and the metamorphosis of the seasons, influenced by dramatic post-rock structures and warm acoustic folk.

empty housesIn All The Empty Houses sees them move indoors to explore the resonances of abandoned buildings; the ghosts of past lives and memories that inhabit them as they fall into dilapidation. Is a building the sum of its construction or the people who have lived there? Sonically, there’s a shift towards intricate electronics and a subtle integration of 198os electro-pop synths into their sound. It is a natural progression, working as a perfect atmospheric expression of the record’s concept and heightening its emotional impact.

As part of the project, the band have commissioned five videos to accompany tracks from the release, as well as producing one themselves. The films will feature on a DVD included in the Japanese release and will be released online soon, adding an alternative perspective on the songs.

Two stunning videos are already online:

Ghosts on Tape (K House Media)

Daylight Ghosts (Paul Banks)

Epic45 embark on a European tour through September and October, with several dates in the UK before they hit the mainland. Details are on their MySpace page. Also, Ben Holton will release a very limited edition solo album later this year for his My Autumn Empire project. Finally, we’re very excited that Rob Glover is coming on board as the third member of Colour and will be both a valuable asset to our events and on here.

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