The Decade in Music

Pitchfork are currently halfway through ‘P2K‘ a season of articles and lists that attempt to quantify, qualify and debate the state of music and surrounding culture at the end of this first decade of the new millenium. Along with the usual staff lists of best/favourite/most important songs, music videos and a forthcoming countdown of the definitive albums, there are several exhaustive articles that are well worth a read.

Today it’s the turn of some of modern music’s most acclaimed artists to sum up the music and surrounding culture that has defined the last ten years in music for them. It features contributions from James McNew of Yo La Tengo, Joey Burns of Calexico, Bradford Cox from Deerhunter and uh, Moby. The artists have approached their brief in an eclectic variety of ways, making for a more interesting read.

I’m not sure I’m up to the task of summarising the music that has been important to me this decade. I’m at once obsessed by list making and paralysed by its undertaking. I also need some distance before I can recognise what’s going to stay with me from a formative period of my life.

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