iTunes Artwork Fail

One major feature in the evolution of iTunes is the replication of the feeling that you’re browsing a tangible record collection. Okay, so it’s hardly the same as flipping vinyls, but there is something satisfying about the coverflow and grid views. Except when you entrust the retrieval of art to the software, as I found recently when a hard drive hiccup meant I lost artwork from over 800 albums.itunes02

Everyone’s favourite virtual jukebox did pretty well when I left it to replace them, but its mistakes were an amusing reminder of just how strange and diverse the music industry is. They also made me wonder if someone inside Apple is having a laugh.

itunes01I would love to see any examples you have in the comments.

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One Response to iTunes Artwork Fail

  1. Peter says:

    There’s a trade-off of accuracy versus coverage, here. MusicBrainz doesn’t find all covers but doesn’t get any wrong either; the worst it did for me was the US bubble-chamber cover for Is This It by The Strokes.

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