Hey For Lubberland!

Two things we love are coming together this weekend in Digbeth: experimental music from Capsule and colourful, obscure design explorations courtesy of the new project by Simon and Tom Bloor, Hey For Lubberland.


For their new project for Ikon they’ve adopted geodesic design, a fast and efficient way of constructing an imperfect curve. Using this technique, they’ve built a canopy for a working canal barge, which has been painted with the Bloor’s interpretation of dazzle camofluage.

Their geodesic canopy for a working canal boat provides shelter for visitors who can travel along Birmingham’s historic waterways while browsing an onboard library of utopian design. In reference to another remarkable moment of design history, the artists have painted the exterior of the canopy with their interpretation of dazzle camouflage, a type of graphic patterning devised by war artists for naval ships as a means of confusing the enemy. Known as ‘Razzle Dazzle’ during the First World War its success was limited, as was that of Fuller’s geodesic domes.The boat, symbolising a means of escape, takes its title Hey for Lubberland! from a 17th century English ballad about the New World, mistaken for utopia, but in fact a kind of fool’s paradise.

Until 13 September, the boat will transport visitors around Brindleyplace from 1-5PM. As part of Capsule’s Supersonic Festival this weekend, it will be moored opposite Ikon Eastside at The Bond, 180-182 Fazeley Street. Visitors can make short journeys soundtracked by artists playing at the festival. There is a launch for the boat tonight from 7-9pm.


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