Stillness is the Move

Dirty Projectors first caught my attention with ‘Knotty Pine’, their collaboration with David Byrne recorded for the Dark Was the Night compilation. Late to the party I know. I’m still processing their recently-released second record Bitte Orca, with its astounding jump-cut genre collages it’s restless pop music for the 140-character attention spans of the Twitter age. I get the feeling it’s going to rank as a highlight of 2009.

First single ‘Stillness Is The Move’ is guaranteed to embed itself in your mind with its catchy minimalism and stunning deconstruction of ’90s diva-pop vocals (a solo performance by vocalist Amber Coffman), reassembled in a way that makes them appear as you would expect from a distance but chipped and cracked up close and all the more beautiful for it.

The video adds new dimensions of oddness to song, with trio of Coffman, Angel Deradoorian and Haley Dekle performing highly choreographed dance routines  in the company of llamas and huskies, in the misty mountain setting of Vermont.

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