Colour & This Is Tomorrow Last Friday

Many thanks to everyone who came down to see our co-promoted show with This Is Tomorrow last Friday. The turnout was amazing for For a Minor Reflection, Epic45 and Is I Cinema; we were concerned at one point that there wouldn’t be any more room in there. It made for an intimate and at times incendiary experience, particularly when FaMR’s brand of explosive post-rock reached its breathtaking climaxes. There’s a youthful volatility to their music, capable of near-instant shifts from icy beauty to volcanic fury.

The evening built steadily to this, with openers Is I Cinema charming us with their fresh, inventive indie-pop. Apparently it was only their sixth gig but they sounded really tight as their songs packed in an array of ideas and influences. It will be interesting to see how their sound evolves and the direction they take.

As ever, our good friends Epic45 played a sublime set, drawn mostly from 2007’s May Your Heart Be The Map. Many of those songs have been fleshed out and expanded live: it ranked as one of the best performances by them I’ve seen. We’ll have more details on their new mini-album, released in Autumn, and supporting tour of the UK and Europe soon.

Thanks to Matt Beck from This Is Tomorrow for such a rewarding collaboration, Justin Reynolds for providing absolutely flawless sound all night, the staff of the Victoria and Alex Morrall for photography.

We’re taking a little break from organising live events so we can concentrate on our wedding and settling into married life. We’ll be back in Autumn with the aim of taking Colour further with exciting ideas we’ve been daydreaming about for some time now. In the meantime, we’ll continue to write about music and culture on here, and we’ll also be putting on Perfect Sound Forever at The Victoria on Sunday 12 July.

famr_02For a Minor Reflection by Alex Morrall


famr_04Epic45 / Shameless promotion

Note: More photos are on the way!

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