Today is Icelandic Independence Day

… so to celebrate us playing host to Reykjavik’s own For a Minor Reflection on Friday, we’re running a little competition via Twitter. Just send a tweet to @wearecolour with your favourite fact about our friends in the north, for a chance to win two tickets to see For a Minor Reflection with support from Epic45 and Is I Cinema at The Victoria on Friday night.


All entries by midnight tonight please. We’ll announce the winner via Twitter at midday tomorrow and post our favourite responses here. For more information on the gig, check our events page.

Update 18/06/09: Competition Closed…

We weren’t exactly inundated with tweets for this competition, perhaps because we’re not that established on Twitter yet. As well as the expected quips about the budget freezer centre, we had the following fascinating facts:

WINNER: @SarahSozage Fave Fact: Because they don’t have surnames, Icelanders are listed in the telephone directory alphabetically by first name.

Sarah went to the trouble of submitting two more:

@SarahSozage – In Iceland school children are required to learn how to swim before they can receive their school diploma.

@Sarah Sozage – FACT – Icelanders drink more Coca Cola than anyone else in the world.

Here’s some other admirable entries:

@mavit – In February of 1997, britpop band Bennet released a single detailing a maternal visit to the country. It charted at number 34.

@PhotosbyLee – Icelandic fact No1 Kerry Katona fucking loves it!

Here’s five more facts about Iceland for you:

  • Iceland formally became a republic in 1944, winning independence from Denmark on 17 June.
  • Renewable energy provides over 70% of the nation’s total and Iceland expects to be energy-independent by 2050.
  • The main traditional sport in Iceland is Glíma, a form of wrestling thought to have originated in medieval times.
  • Iceland is the world’s 18th largest island, and Europe’s second largest island following Great Britain.
  • The only native land mammal when humans arrived was the Arctic Fox, which came to the island at the end of the ice age, walking over the frozen sea. There are no native reptiles or amphibians on the island and the only tree native to Iceland is the Northern Birch Betula pubescens.

-taken from Wikipedia (where else?)

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