James Nash Loves You

…and it seems Plan B magazine love him right back. For those of you who don’t know, James started Colour with me back in 2006 and his vision for it still underpins everything we do. As well as having an ability to seek out amazing new music, he is also an illustrator, raised in Wolverhampton but now based in London.


James’ main body of work is a diary comic about his everyday, twentysomething life that he’s been writing for five years now, consisting of “unfortunate relationship things, failures, friends, family, some more heartbreak, unattractive misanthropy…” as he describes in the May 2009 issue of the magazine.  Each three-panel strip is drawn on the day of the incident it portrays, so emotions are often still running high, gloriously free of hindsight. His self-published collections are so compelling because entries often perfectly captures the frustrations we all go through and the singularity of existence, cut through with moments of humanity and an ability to draw humour from the darkest moments.

James’ work will feature in Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s Work on Paper exhibition, which opens this summer. To purchase The Present is Not a Purgatory, which collects together his 2008 diary comics, visit his shop.

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