Flatpack Festival Closedown: Photos

Despite illness and a broken bulb in our projector putting paid to our plan to project slides, the closedown party for this year’s amazing Flatpack Festival was great fun. Thanks to 7Inch Cinema for putting on something so wonderful in Birmingham – we felt really honoured to be asked to contribute.

july_skies_blogmainJuly Skies

Because of the projector calamity last minute visuals were provided by Antony from July Skies, who happened to have a breathtaking documentary of British Rail in the 1940s in his car. Victoria and Jacob’s set was backed by a short science film from the 1970s (?) detailing distance through the universe, from atoms to galaxies. Apologies for vagueness – I can’t find the name of the film.

Victoria and Jacob
Victoria and Jacob wowed us with their intelligent, affecting electro-pop last summer, but it was a real pleasure to see how much they’ve come on since then. Their songs still have pop sensibilities at their core; however, they felt more expansive and focused on texture and evocation, a perfect fusion of organic and man-made melodies. Their first full-length release will definitely be one worth waiting for.




July Skies

The ever-evolving lineup of Antony Harding’s July Skies project was bolstered by long-time collaborators Epic45, whose brooding guitars gave the set a dense sound that reverberated perfectly around the warehouse setting of the Wild Building. July Skies transport you somewhere else entirely when experienced live.



Photographs by Paul Manasseh.

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4 Responses to Flatpack Festival Closedown: Photos

  1. byfuselage says:

    Wow. Those July Skies shots with the British Rail documentary looming behind are utterly amazing! Glad this went well 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos guys, thank you for a great night. I’ve done my own little report over at victoriaandjacob.net


  3. Matthew says:

    Thanks again Jacob, I’m really glad you enjoyed the evening. We look forward to doing something with you guys again in the future – best of luck with everything!

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