Our Brother The Native – Parting Marrows

obtn1I first heard Fat Cat signings Our Brother The Native a couple of months ago but have only recently got around to listening to their second EP of last year, Parting Marrows. The LA based three-piece have drawn comparisons to former Fat Cat artists Animal Collective, with their experimental approach to texture and structure.

The EP rapidly cocoons you in its strangeness, compelling you to listen closely to its 21 all-too-short minutes, clarity just out of grasp. It is best taken as a whole rather than as five songs; the breaks feel kind of arbitrary as the musical themes run through all of the tracks. ‘Seminal Paws’ and centrepiece ‘Failed Panegryrics’ communicate on an purely emotional level. Lyrical meaning is indistinct but the layering of samples of children’s voices, simple, repeated piano lines and chimes build to a feeling of serenity in chaos and an at times almost hysterical fervour that is oddly affecting. There is a religious feel to it, majestic and intense, that carries over into the incantations that begin ‘Warm Refines’.

It will be fascinating to see how the band build on this EP and whether they can mesmerise over the length of a full album.

Seminal Paws Video

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