Catching Up With: Victoria & Jacob

Back in November I caught up with It Hugs Back, a band who played at Colour a while back and are now doing rather well for themselves. Now its the turn of Victoria & Jacob in the spotlight, who made the boys coo and the girls bop when they played during our residency at Light House last summer.


I was urgently prompted to write this as I heard Tom Robinson on BBC 6Music enthuse about the Cambridge duo and introduce the extremely catchy track Clash, which you can listen to on Myspace. Jacob joined Tom on his introducing… show last week to discuss future plans. Listen here.

Before the Christmas holidays Jacob got in touch and let us know his top 5 records of the year:

1. Bowerbirds – Hymns for a dark horse
Beautiful Appalachian folk, ‘In Our Talons’ is my song of the year.

2. Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes
Favourite album of the year. Instantly familiar songs with ethereal harmonies and production.

3. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever ago
Made in his Dad’s hunting cabin in the woods of Wisconsin. Well of course, where else. This is the most played record on my iPod this year.

4. Fuck Buttons – Street Horrrsing
This is my favourite band name and album cover of 2008. Hands down. They also make a fine racket.

5. Beach House – Devotion
I love this band, they seem to do so little, so effortlessly, and just gently wrap you in their cosy, fuzzy, dreamy-pop winter coat.

I predict that this type of clean, fun electro pop (with a twist of ‘tude) is going to be huge this year, the perfect hangover cure for those who over indulged in beard-folk in 2008.

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