Come On Then ’09, Lets Be Having You.

Is it just me or is 2008 still hanging around like the last few drunks at a New Years Eve party? I can’t seem to shift that post-Christmas zombie feeling, and as for writing anything of any substance either side of the festive season, well it just hasn’t happened. So, to ease myself into 2009 I want to round it off 2008 with a bit of a list.

Best Music Related Moments of 2008

March – Putting together a celebratory mix tape to be played at mine and Matthew’s engagement party. Calexico, M.Ward, et al. A mix tape to remember which goes well with tapas, friends and family.

April – Bjork at Wolverhampton Civic Hall. I certainly wasn’t expecting what was delivered, which was magical. The latest album finally clicked with me as she translated the music through her performance in a way only a live show could convey. Plus lots of lovely glitter.

May – I join Matthew and James as part of the Colour family, and we start this blog.

June Why? Live in Nottingham.

August – Meeting Steven Malkmus at Glee Club Birmingham, and advancing a kiss onto his cheek.

Musical regrets of the year include not seeing Calexico in London, not going to the End of the Road Festival, not going to see Clinic play for Capsule and finally and most regretfully; not seeing Echo & the Bunnymen perform Ocean Rain. Good news is that The Bunnymen are scheduled to release a new album, The Fountain, in 2009, but more on that later.

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