The Americana Sessions: About the Artists

Last week we posted information about Thursday’s event, The Americana Sessions. Here’s a little more information about the musicians who will contribute live sets to the evening.


James Happenick

Regardless of how many musicians back him, James’ performances often have the feel of a porch-light jam amongst old friends. Songs like ‘My My My’ and ‘I Saw Mary’ instantly lodge themselves in your memory with their easy-going melody and harmonies that are nothing short of stunning. If you’ve caught the Fleet Foxes bug, you’ll love James Happenick.

Stream: I Saw Mary

Jayne Powell

Jayne’s rich, textured take on American folk is enough to silence a packed room. Light and melodic without ever falling into the background, it will leave you captivated. Jane has supported artists including Jim White and Kathryn Williams live.

Stream: Myspace

Dan Hartland

Dan continues the country music tradition of the broken-hearted troubadour, similar in feel to contemporary artists like Ryan Adams and Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes. His new EP, Walk the Floor, features eight songs that set fire to melancholy and will surely cause an incendiary performance.


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3 Responses to The Americana Sessions: About the Artists

  1. danhartland says:

    Really enjoyed it, guys -t hanks. Matt, I hope Katie gave you the hug I asked her to. 😛

  2. Matthew says:

    cheers for playing dan, really nice set! And yes, Katie gave me the hug… thanks.

  3. byfuselage says:

    Really enjoyed last night folks, though sorry we had to go early…curse wolverhampton’s rubbish bus network! Those slides were fab by the way, really went nicely with the music 🙂
    Tatty byes, Andeh and Beckeh

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