Catching Up With Colour Artists Past

Its a good time of the year to get retrospective, and to catch up with old friends. I thought I would take a trawl around the good ol’ Internet to find out what the Colour artists of yore are up to now.


First up is It Hugs Back, a four piece from London who played Colour at Quadrant Lounge, Wolverhampton last year. They describe themselves to be:

Matthew, Paul, Dimitri & Jack who began making their soft-centered dream pop back in early 2006. Switching between joyous pop-punk delight and delicate melancholia in a heartbeat, It Hugs Back melt layers of fuzzy vocals and guitars into their reassuring blend of endearing shoegaze and heart-on-sleeves vulnerability.

They are possibly my favourite band to ever play Colour and back then I could tell they were heading for exciting things. I was lucky enough to grab a 7″ single in beautiful craft design which echoes the rest of their packaging, videos and even the music itself.

So, what are they up to now? Well signed to 4AD for a start. From what I can gather from their web diary and blog they have been touring extensively (supporting acts including Josh Rouse), recording in Abbey Road Studios, and recording live sessions for XFM and BBC Radio One.

They have a new 7″ single, Work Day which was released in September: you can buy it here. Plus they have a lovely new video for the single in their typical craft style. I’m going to keep an eye and ear out on It Hugs Back and I look forward to a new album.

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3 Responses to Catching Up With Colour Artists Past

  1. 18thaureliano says:

    Like the idea of the retrospective, and it’s good to see It Hugs Back doing well. Probably my favourite act to have played Colour too!

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