Silver Jew

Tomorrow, Silver Jew is released. It is a documentary (i aint gonna say rockumentary) that follows the Silver Jews around the world as they embarked on tour, amazingly the first ever tour in the 15 year history of the band.

After a dark period abusing drugs and attempting suicide, Berman embraced his Judaism that a primary objective in hitting the road was touring Israel. The Silver Jews played two shows in Tel Aviv, visited Jerusalem, and hometown associate Michael Tully captured it all. “He decided it was something he wanted to document, so he came over with a camera and followed us around,” Berman explains. “When we got back and he told me he wanted to make something of it, I was really sceptical, to the point where I still have never seen it.”

Berman is know as something as an obsessive and for having a controlling nature, and couldnt bring himself to be involved with the making of the film, or even watch it, “I think that’s why I let it go,” Berman says. “People don’t see examples of intelligent people, critical minds dealing with spiritual things. You don’t ever see people who, from a fan’s point of view, cry. So I felt, if that was part of it, it wasn’t my right to pull that away because it’s a rare thing.”

I can’t comment on the film itself as I haven’t seen it, but hope to in the future.

Take a look-see on Amazon.

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