Photos: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Birmingham Glee Club

Blogs thrive on delivering content that’s of the moment, so I guess posting photos of a gig that happened a week ago dooms them to irrelevancy, but we’ve both been super busy with boring real world stuff of late. Seeing Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks at a venue like Birmingham’s Glee Club, metres from the stage edge, was a real treat. Their closing set at Green Man ’07 was one of the highlights of the weekend, but their songs came alive in such an intimate setting. Not least the winding, meaty cuts of latest album Real Emotional Trash, given a great immediacy by the close proximity. Malkmus’ guitar lines meandered before being reigned in by the ultra-tight rhythm section of Joanna Bolme and Janet Weiss, who seemed to enjoy his unpredictability.

The band made it clear they were going rock from the get-go with a raw takes on ‘Baby C’Mon’ and Trash single ‘Gardenia’. Bolme commented on the reserved nature of the crowd about halfway through, but I think that was down to the audience basking in the glory of such a spirited performance. Typically, some asshole shouted for them to play some Pavement, but I think most people recognised that what Malkmus is doing now is an exciting entity in its own right. More than a few people were left grinning by an encore of ‘Jenny and the Ess-Dog’ and ‘Freeze the Saints’. It was also a real pleasure to briefly meet one of my musical heroes and have a little discussion about marriage, weirdly. More photos and setlist after the jump.

Video: Stephen Malkmus on Fox News’ ‘Red Eye’

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2 Responses to Photos: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Birmingham Glee Club

  1. Rich says:

    oh ya it was gillette a best a man can get!!!
    tho we did see alot of a Malkmus’s butt…..

  2. Andy says:

    Oh man. I’m sadface that we din’t go. Though persuading Becks to see Malkmus would’ve been an uphill struggle lol. That pic of you two with him is lovely, I never imagined he could look so genuine 😉 Was he easy to talk to??

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