Living in the SSSR

In my 9-5 life I have been working on the Flip Animation Festival and posting on the Flip Blog. It got me thinking about how the animation world I’m involved in through my professional life crosses over with the music I love. Ergo, a dual post for both blogs.

Matt has previously written about Subtle, and their new album Exiting Arm and touched on the trilogy of animations by SSSR, available on the rarities collection Wishingbone.

This collection of animations is some of the finest modern animation I have come across and perfectly translates the schizophrenic, dark world that Subtle have created through their music. SSSR use nostalgic imagery such as the blurry flicker of cinefilm and a hint of early black and white Disney animation and totally subvert it by layering crisp 3d objects, smudged doodles and stop motion which could detract from the overall narrative, but the monochromatic style brings it all together.

SSSR are represented by UK based Passion Pictures, who are responsible for such gems as the Sony Bravia bunnies advert, the cr-eepy Domestos germ adverts, more recently the BBC ‘Return to the East’ Jamie Hewlett Olympics advert and about a billion good music videos.

Take a look-see at Swan Meat – Subtle music video by SSSR

Also worth a watch is the award winning SSSR advert for Zune Arts – music by the wonderful M. Ward,

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