We Used to Read Books

On Monday we announced the line up for our next event at Light House and on Wednesday we featured July Skies. Here’s the second feature on the artists, slightly later than promised. For more information on the event, check our Events page.

Gareth S. Brown

Leeds-based Gareth S. Brown has previously contributed to Hood, but his new modern classical double album The Gallows/Royal College O’ Surgeons is definitely a singular vision. He produces haunting, minimalist compositions that are both arresting and beautiful. Influenced by the work of Philip Glass, they are frequently unpredictable but immensely listenable.

‘Listing Vampyre’ from The Gallows, layers strange, rasping keys and glockenspiel on top of a frantic violin line, creating something that is ornate and stunning yet disorientating, causing a quickening of the heart as it progresses. A submerged bass drum heightens the sense of drama.

Stream: Gareth S. Brown – Listing Vampyre

Taken from The Gallows/Royal College O’ Surgeons. Purchase at Boomkat.

The Declining Winter

Richard Adams co-founded Hood in 1990 with his brother Chris and the group went on to record nine albums, eventually signing to Domino. The Declining Winter is a new project from Richard, which released its debut Goodbye Minnesota earlier this year. Their sound encompasses everything from folk and dub to post-rock and instrumental beat-based hip-hop (think Jay Dilla and Madlib).

Building from a simple, repeated acoustic refrain and bass line, ‘We Used to Read Books’ defines what Adams describes as his “spectral atmospheres”. It is deceptively epic without resorting to the inevitable overblown climaxes present in much ‘post-rock’ music.

Expanded to a five-piece line up when playing live, The Declining Winter’s sound promises to deliver one of the most mesmerising live sets Colour has yet seen.

Stream: The Declining Winter – We Used to Read Books

Taken from Goodbye Minnesota. Purchase at Boomkat.

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