See Britain by Train

On Monday we announced the line up for our next event at Light House. Today and tomorrow we’ll be featuring the artists who are playing at the night. For more information on the event, check our Events page.

If you’re ever in doubt about the immersive power of music, listen to July SkiesThe Weather Clock on headphones. Antony Harding’s compositions unfurl gradually, revealing subtle shades and details like a time-lapse video of a countryside scene in the emerging light of dawn. Harding works as a town planner in Solihull and The Weather Clock’s artwork shows a preoccupation with mid-20th Century architecture and its relationship with its setting. This is reflected in electric guitar taking centre stage but played in a delicate, organic way, the divide between man-made and the natural blurring magnificently.

‘Harvest 1982’

Like long-time collaborators Epic45, July Skies music and visual presence is shaped by a nostalgic fascination with the past, often for times that had past into history long before Harding was born. The Guardian dubbed their work as ‘psychogeographic’, with their referencing of our “collective history”. The concept behind July Skies’ 2004 album The English Cold was the effect of WWII on the countryside. Brooding and beautiful, it perfectly captures the sense of tranquility and tradition under threat from imminent invasion and destruction.

The concepts behind the songs certainly add to their appeal, creating mental visuals for their stunning soundtracks.

Stream: July Skies – Holidays to Wales (Taken from The Weather Clock)
Purchase at Boomkat.

Tomorrow: Information on Gareth S. Brown and headliners The Declining Winter.

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