Chemical Dreams and Nightmares

I have been meaning to post about this for a week but i have been hiding under my bed in fear. Last Friday night i was just nodding off on the sofa with one eye on the idiot box when this wakes me up like a slap in the face:

UPDATE: ‘This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by EMI Music.’
Damn and blast. It seems to be that someone has wiped it from the whole internet. I might just have bought that album too, not now though, ahh, see EMI, see what you do when you make the internet angry.
It is the kind of music video which will make you point and laugh, but secretly you want to hide behind the sofa like a 6 year old. Maybe that’s just me being a scaredy pants. It’s the new Chemical Brothers video for Midnight Madness, directed by Dom and Nic who also directed the rather brilliant and equally menacing Believe Video for the Chemical Brothers. It has some of the most convincing CGI work i have seen mixed with a very modern British backdrop which I think gives it that creepy feel.

For me, the best Chemical Brothers video (if not my favorite ever video) has to be Let Forever Be by Michel Gondry. It is the cleverest piece of visual trickery i have ever seen, and i have seen it so many times but still can’t get my head around it.

..and making of….

Maybe I should point out that I don”t actually own any Chemical Brothers albums, shocker. I couldn’t see that I would get much pleasure from listening to them without the visual elements. I much prefer the whole package!

I will try to get round to writing something of substance this week which isn’t, basically a list of YouTube vids.

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