Open and Shut Cases

We’ve just got tickets for the Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks appearance at Birmingham’s Glee Club, which seemed like a good excuse to post some B-sides from various singles.

Stephen Malkmus Mojo Interview, Green Man 2007

Stephen Malkmus Mojo Interview, Green Man 2007

I saw them headline at Green Man last year and they put on a great show, mostly drawn from this year’s Real Emotional Trash. The dynamics of the band made for a pretty amazing spectacle but it will be a treat to hear those songs now I’m more familiar with them, particularly in such an intimate venue.

Leisurely Poison

from Discretion Grove

Polish Mule

from Jo Jo’s Jacket

Open and Shut Cases

from Jo Jo’s Jacket

Wow-Ass Jeans

from Baby C’Mon

If Malkmus castoffs are your thing, the Matador/Domino reissues of the first three Pavement albums collect together a plethora of b-sides, demos and live tracks. Here’s hoping the Brighten the Corners edition drops soon; it was the album that started my obsession.

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One Response to Open and Shut Cases

  1. harry says:

    thanks! i’ve heard just about every pavement b-side / rarity, but haven’t extended that obsession to malkmus b-sides… i might have to start sometime. wow-ass jeans esp!

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