Wolverhampton Radiophonic Institute

Matt and I have just popped down to the local radio station WCR FM to meet up with Neil Calloway from the Wolverhampton Radiophonic Institute. We did an interview for their radio show about Colour and the event on Saturday which will air tomorrow night between 8 – 10pm. You can listen online if you fancy it at wcrfm.com.

I haven’t listened to the Wolverhampton Radiophonic Institute yet, but I will be tomorrow night whilst baking the cakes for Colour on Saturday. We will probably wince at ourselves on the radio, but no one likes the sound of their own voice recorded do they? They seem to be covering some really interesting stuff from local arts and culture bits and debates on 9/11 conspiracy theories to politics and philosophy. They also have a blog with podcasts from the previous shows at radiophonic.org.uk.

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2 Responses to Wolverhampton Radiophonic Institute

  1. Angela Slater says:

    f course the microphone is pointing in Kate’s direction…. :)~

  2. Andy says:

    Really enjoyed last night guys! Twas a lovely evening (well, maybe not outside!), though I’m sorry we had to make an early exit…the result of silly bus timetables I’m afraid. There seemed quite a nice sized crowd of people there, which was lovely to see. Enjoyed the music in between acts too, Bon Iver through big speakers! Woo!

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