J’Taime le pop music

A band that always pops into my head this sunny time of year is Tahiti 80. I bought their album Fosbury for a friend who loves French pop back in 2005. What is it about the French that mean they can do pop so well? All that smelly cheese probably, who knows.

Tahiti 80 are just so lovable you can forgive that the lyrics are sometimes cheesy and lost in translation. I love the simplicity of bands like this, the catchy baselines, disco loops and feel good vocals are infectious. I haven’t really given them much thought since the last barbeque of summer 05 but i will be checking out their new stuff at: tahiti80.tumblr.com

Here is the video treat of Big Day (Warning: does contain brief air guitar). This song makes me want to wear chino slacks, strut down my street and high five strangers. Enjoy. Unashamedly.

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2 Responses to J’Taime le pop music

  1. Andy says:

    Tahiti 80!! Man, I havnt thought about them for a long time. I have their “Wallpaper for the Soul” album and really loved the breezy pop songs on it to bits for a while. Maybe they’re a band you only need one album by though huh? 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    Yeah, they seem to be one of those bands you only can only have a fleeting love affair for!

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