Wall of Sound

I went up North at the beginning of the week and Matt suggested I visited the record shop near Huddersfield train station, which turns out to be called Wall of Sound. I often find myself intimidated by independent record shops with the all male, over 50 muso crowd fighting over Yes albums, but not at Wall of Sound! The two staff were genuinely friendly, and made some good recommendations. It was a far cry from the robotic drone ‘did you find everything you were looking for today?’ from less than enthusiastic chain store staff.

The store itself was a joy to browse, CDs and records were displayed in specific genre sections, A-Z with new stuff and the store’s picks above, and a listening post on the front till. Whist I was there I recommended the
Fleet Foxes EP to the staff, who put it on the stereo whist I was there which I though was nice. I ended up taking home Neko Case Fox confessor brings the flood, Smog Burning Kingdom EP, Tortoise & Bonny Prince Billy The Brave and the Bold and Gorkys Zygotic Mynci Spanish Dance Troup. It felt like a ‘classic’ record store experience which is sadly disappearing. They do mail order, and it will be the first avenue for everything I buy from now on.

If you think that was gushy, here is a 14yr old Connor Oberst (Bright Eyes) on his favorite record store.

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3 Responses to Wall of Sound

  1. James says:

    Nice story! Whilst I’d never want to lose the internet, I do miss the days of going into my local record store (Bridge Records in Walsall) and sifting through the racks in the dark, dank corners of the shop hunting for that elusive bargain or bootleg. I can still remember the buzz I got of finding *that* album, or trading in 6 old CDs for a brand-spanking new one. It’s one of the few negatives the internet has bought – I think a lot of people have replaced this buzz by sniffing out albums as soon as they leak pre-release.

    I was thinking about writing on my own blog about memories of buying particular records that have stuck with me, this post has inspired me to make sure I do!

    And Bless Conor and his geekyness!

  2. Matthew says:

    James – I have fond memories of buying Odelay used in Bridge Records at the very start of my obsession with music! There was always a weird smell in there and a plethora of single CDs rejected by the pop charts, on sale for 50p.

  3. Andy says:

    I really wish there were more places around like this. Or in terms of Wolverhampton, ANY places. I buy quite a bit of stuff mail order from Norman Records http://www.normanrecords.com/index.php another ooop-north place. I know its not the same as a great ‘going into an awesome shop’ experience, but they’re really nice and often pop chewy sweets and postcards into your packages. But yes, a good record shop would ne nice.

    Enjoying the blog so far guys 🙂


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